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1. What are the service times?

Corporate Prayer @ 9:00AM Sunday Mornings
Sunday Morning Celebration Service @ 10:00AM
Impact Groups Wednesday an Thursday.


2.  Who are the senior pastors of Impact Church?

The senior pastors of Impact Church are Manny and Victoria Rivera.
Click HERE for more info about our lead pastors and our whole team.


3. Where are you located?

Click HERE for map and Directions.


4. Who are you affiliated with?

Impact Church is non-denominational, meaning we are not affiliated with a certain denomination. Our congregation is made up of people from various backgrounds and cultures. For more information on what we believe, visit our Statement of Faith.


Impact Church is in relationship and under the spiritual oversight of Pastors’ Jim and Becky Hennesy from Trinity Church in Cedar Hill Texas.


5. What should I wear to church?

The dress code at Impact Church is business casual or smart casual. We want you to be as comfortable as you like.


6. How do I get connected?

One of the purposes of Impact Church is to equip people to serve within the church and to magnify Christ by serving the needs of our world. We like to give everyone the opportunity to discover their gifting and put it into use for the Kingdom of God. Impact Church has various ministries for you to be plugged in to.


7. How can I get a copy of a specific week’s message/teaching, and other resources?

You can subscribe to Pastor Manny's Podcast to hear the messages preached on Sunday Mornings or view our weekly sermon on line. Click HERE to view our online media section.


8. Do you offer children and youth ministries?


Children’s Ministry

Impact Church’s ministry for children is dedicated to the teaching and nurturing of every child that enters our doors in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ in a secure and safe environment. All our teachers are interviewed personally and background investigations are done before they are assigned to their classroom.

Classes are divided according to age or child’s ability to comprehend the material being taught. Our nursery holds children from newborn to 24 months. The Toddler group holds children from 2 to 4 years of age. Five year of age are allowed to stay in the toddler group if they have not started kindergarten yet. The children’s group is for 5 year of age (in kindergarten already) through 12 years age.

Click here to access more information on our Children’s Ministry.

Youth Ministries

At Impact Youth, we teach young people to refuse to conform to the patterns of this world and to find their identity in Jesus Christ. We also teach the importance of being connected with the body of Christ and how to expand the Kingdom of God by winning others to Jesus.

Click here for more info on our Youth Ministry.


9. Who can I contact for a prayer request?

If you have any prayer requests, click HERE to send us an email and get in touch.


10. How do I become a member of Impact Church?

Members at Impact Church are called “Covenant Partners,” covenant meaning an agreement or a promise and partner meaning someone who serves along side of another. We believe that in order for a person to grow and flourish as a believer in Christ, they must be strongly connected to a local church. This takes place when an individual recognizes that Impact Church is their home church, and that they want to covenant and partner with this ministry. We offer Covenant Partner invitations quarterly, where people have the opportunity to show their desire to become more committed and form a covenant with our ministry.


11. How can I donate money?

Within our website, we have a giving online section that you can submit your donation.
Click HERE to access our giving center.


12. Do you have translation into other languages?

Yes, We offer personal translation devices for each individual. We currently only offer Spanish translation. We hope to offer more languages soon